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Citrus Fruit

The Full Strength Liver/Gallbladder Flush

You should do this once or twice a week if you are ill. In severe cases, it may have to be done several days in a row. On the other days, do the mild liver flush that goes up to four tablespoons of oil.
The formula is: 
8ounces of olive oil 
8ounces of fresh-squeezed orange juice
Mix in a blender. You consume 4 ounces an hour of this mixture for four hours starting at about six o’clock at night until ten, or about an ounce every fifteen minutes. This time of the day is best for liver cleansing. Every organ has its own time, and this is when you should be doing the liver flush.
Always have a ginger in your hand; fresh ginger root that you can chew on when you feel any waves of nausea coming. Some people who want to do it more powerfully and have actually done a quart of the same mixture. Sixteen ounces of oil and sixteen ounces of citrus, and kept that down and did just fine.
The only downside, of course, is that the large quantity of olive oil makes you feel quite sluggish because you are consuming a lot of oil that your body has to process.
It might give you a little bit of diarrhea, and the worst thing, of course, is you’ll throw up. There’s really no down side to it. It really is a tremendous feeling for most people once they take the pressure off the gallbladder and get it flushed out.
Don’t underestimate the mild liver flush, or the liver/gall bladder flush, because this flush can work miracles, too.

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