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High Blood Pressure...

In 2011, I unexpectedly developed severe high blood pressure, which seemed very strange to me because I have always considered myself to be quite healthy. One reading was 196 over 115! As the Speaker/Director of White Horse Media, this resulted in a serious crisis in my life. I also have a precious wife and two small children. At times, I felt like I was staring death in the face. Not only that, but I often felt pressure in my arms, head, and neck. My ability to give weekend seminars was also becoming increasingly difficult. Unwilling to accept this as my plight, with my whole heart I adjusted my lifestyle, making it as healthy as possible. But alas, my high blood pressure remained, which was a total mystery to me.

Out of desperation, in the spring of 2012 I turned to medication. First, Bystolic. Then, I added Lisinopril. But alas again, my problem just wouldn't go away, and I had to keep increasing the medication to keep my numbers in range. Finally, out of the deepest desperation I prayed to God to lead me to someone who could help me. In a short time, I met the Director of Fountain Valley Remedies, Linda Clark. "We can beat this!" she said confidently. She then recommended a carefully supervised raw juice fast. Under Linda's careful and expert guidance, I did it. She also sent me many of Fountain Valley Remedies' wonderful, nutritional products to aid, detoxify, nourish, and strengthen my nerves, bowels, kidneys, liver, and cardio-vascular system. After less than a week on my fast, my blood pressure dropped to 110/63 and I slowly weaned myself off both medications.

On June 23, 2012, I became medication free. After concluding my 3 week juice fast, and then sticking with the program of living a healthier life, eating more raw foods, and exercising even more vigorously than previously, I had my blood pressure checked again and it was 110/59 -- without the meds. Hallelujah! It has been over 7 months now, I am still medication free, and feel great! I truly thank God that He helped me, and for leading me to Fountain Valley Remedies and Linda Clark. She was a God-sent woman.

Steve Wohlberg

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