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Heart Disease...

March 10, 2013

On October 9, 2011, I suffered a heart attack.  After being air lifted to Boone County Hospital, I was taken immediately into the Operating Room where they informed me that I had a 100% blockage in one of my arteries.  This required a stent.  Later, the surgeon told me that I had three more blockages of 95, 90, and 85%.  He recommended an immediate triple bypass.  He told my husband and I that I would die if I left the hospital without one.  After he left, my husband and I prayed.  We prayed for help.  We felt impressed to meet with Linda at Fountain Valley Remedies.  We left the hospital with the agreement between me and my doctor, that I would return in a few weeks to have a stress test.  He was very skeptical about natural remedies.  He told me, "If heart disease could be reversed naturally, I would know.  I've been a surgeon for over 30 years--and it can't be done."  So I stopped by Fountain Valley Remedies on my way home and got started immediately on nutritional supplements that were recommended by Linda.  She explained how quickly the body will begin the healing process if given the proper combination of nutrition, water, and exercise.  I was also started on a bowel cleansing formula, along with a detailed list of what they were, how to use them, and why.  
I followed her instructions.  Six weeks later, I went back to my cardiologist.  After blood work and a rigorous stress test, he consulted with me and told me he doesn't understand what happened, but that he doesn't think I need a bypass any longer.  My husband and I know what happened--God answered our prayers.  He heard my cry.  He put us in touch with Linda at Fountain Valley Remedies.  
Since this time, Linda has consulted with several of our friends.  Her counsel has proven accurate and her products consistent.  She gives God all the glory.  Every session begins with prayer and every session ends with prayer. 

Fawn Wilfong

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