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Our Philosophy

In an age of conflicting opinions, increasing disease, and soaring medical costs, Fountain Valley Remedies is dedicated to improving people's total well-being by teaching the importance of natural living and simple, timeless principles. We believe that when a person obeys certain fixed laws of health, which are the laws of nature, which are the laws of God, the body responds wonderfully by rewarding us with renewed vigor, health of body, peace of mind, and increasing happiness. In a nutshell, our staff believes in a balanced approach, and in the principles of the acronym NEWSTART:


  • N - Excellent Nutrition

  • E - Regular Exercise

  • W - Pure Water

  • S - Sunlight in Moderate Amounts

  • T - Temperance in All Things

  • A - Fresh Air

  • R - Daily and Weekly Rest

  • T - Trust in, and Obedience to God


Concerning nutrition, in an age of heavily processed, often irradiated, overly salty and fat-laden greasy junk food, we also believe that a plant-based diet that consumes a high percentage of unprocessed fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and seeds, prepared in as simple and natural manner as possible, is definitely optimal for human health. We have no doubt about this, and plenty of science to support it. We also strongly believe in the healing power of raw plant foods, and thus we recommend a "goal" of 80% raw / 20% cooked (using the best cooking methods possible to preserve the most nutrients), live sprouts, the incredible health benefits of juicing fresh produce (especially chlorophyll-rich greens), and the use of organic herbs. 

Our website not only offers free educational material (videos and articles), but also some of the finest health appliances, organic nutritional supplements, and natural healing remedies possible. Sincerely seeking to help our clients unselfishly, our dedicated staff also seeks to offer personal education, support, and even prayers, to those who are suffering.

May Fountain Valley Remedies be a blessing to YOU and YOUR family so that "above all things, you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers" (3 John 2). 

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